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It’s Time For an Upgrade!

Have you heard the good news?! We have moved to a larger location! Don’t worry though, we’re only two doors down from our old location.

Come check out the newest shop and take a look around!

24335 Prielipp Rd #123
Wildomar CA

New front desk! Come by and say hello to Alyssa!
More space to store more material. Give us a call and see if YOUR material is in stock!

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We’ve Talked About Barn Doors…

Let’s talk about their hardware!

Thankfully we have all the answers when it comes to the hardware on Barn Doors! (including an easy step-by-step installation booklet for those DIY-ers!)

The Barn Door Hardware Kit features:

•Face mount ball bearing roller hanger holds
up to 265 lbs (120 kg)
•86-1/2″ sliding rail accommodates doors up to 42″ wide
•98-1/2″ sliding rail accommodates doors up to 48″ wide
•Fits both 1-3/4″ and 1-3/8″ thick doors
•Carbon steel construction
•Handle included
•Satin Nickel or Colonial Bronze finish
•Connector included (for double door application only)
•Easy installation (instructions included)

This kit also includes all the pieces necessary to hang up your beautiful barn doors!

Call us today for more information on getting a Barn Door in your home!!

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Welcoming TNT Reclaimed Lumber!


With decades of reclamation experience from sourcing, inspecting, deconstruction, transporting and storage of vintage wood products from across the country, you can rely on TNT Reclaimed Lumber to deliver a broad selection of carefully curated wood species for your important project.

TNT Reclaimed Lumber will be providing us with some beautiful wood mantle, wood pieces and barn wood for some amazing barn style walls!

A Little More About TnT Reclaimed Lumber

They salvage a wide variety of superior quality authentic reclaimed lumber and barn wood products as well as unique one of a kind architectural elements from the past!

They are the leading reclamation and vintage lumber supplies in Southern California. With contacts all across America they gain access to little known precious reclamation opportunities that ensure a regular supply of various lumber.

They have a passion for woodworking and appreciation for a broad array of quality reclaimed wood products.

Be the FIRST to grab TnT Reclaimed Lumber!

Give us a call at (951)412-4175

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Turn any doorway into a statement by adding a sliding barn door. This versatile door style adds
charm and character while making the most of your available space. Customize your barn
door to match your style, whether you prefer the rustic look or a more minimalist aesthetic.


Order a standard door in a wider
size or have Rogue Valley Door
custom build your barn door in a
variety of species and designs.

Have any questions? Want to know if a Barn Door will fit in your home? Give us a call!


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Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors play an integral role in the safety of your ho me and loved ones. Our fire-rated
doors are most commonly used as a passage door between the house and adjacent garage
(as required by most building codes). The doors on these pages are certified by an authorized
testing agency and have a 20-minute fire rating.* In addition to their safety attributes, our doors
are available in a variety of styles and species to match your desired look

Beautiful Knotty-Alder Door
  • To confirm fire door requirements in your jurisdiction,
    always check with your local building code.

Cal us TODAY to purchase your Fire-Rated Door!


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Lets Talk Pocket Doors

Photo by Builders Choice

Have a small space that is just being crowded by an open door or love that open feeling you get when all the doors are open and the feeling of an open space? Pocket doors may be perfect for you!

Instead of swinging open, pockets doors slide into a convenient compartment creating an aesthetically pleasing look and more space to your home.

Pocket Doors can be installed ANYWHERE!

Pocket doors can be paired with any interior slab door, so there is no worries when it comes to matching the doors in your home.

Photo by Builders Choice



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Sheltering at Home… and Social Distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Are we having fun yet ? 

Has the novelty of sleeping in, eating anything you want, anytime you want or not having to go to work worn off already?   Are the day to day tasks becoming mundane, and the kids getting antsy and looking for something to do?   Remember that we are all in this TOGETHER !  

Are you tired of looking at all those half-finished, or not started yet projects around your house?  Well, then it’s time to get a jump on them.  What do you need to complete those things in your home?  Do you need Baseboards, Door and Window Casing, or maybe wanting to add some beautiful Crown Mouldings, and just never had the time before now?    

How about replacing or refreshing your doors?  A new coat of paint can do wonders for sprucing things up.  What about an accent wall? Which wall can you see as the focal point in your room?  Are the kitchen cabinets looking a little dingy, and in need of some love?  Do they need some re-facing, painting, or just some new hardware to make the changes that you want?   

What do you think about some Wainscot or some wall paneling?  I think YES!  Now is the perfect time to check off some of the “Honey-Do List” items that have been on your list for like EVER…  Let’s start today!   I can help.  Give me a call at 951-412-4175 or go online at and start visualizing your new home projects finished and looking good! 

If home projects are not your thing, how about some good old fashion Spring Cleaning and decluttering of the closets and cabinets?  Maybe even a little cleaning out of the garage??   I know… you’re right, Let’s not get Crazy!  But it does feel good to have things nice and tidy, smelling good, and feeling more relaxed in our environments.  You know those “safe places” that we like to put things so that we don’t lose them?  Yeah, we all have some. This might be the perfect time to locate all the things that we lost trying to keep them safe.  LOL  

We can start small if we need to…  maybe you have some clothing items that no longer fit yourself or your children that you could bless another family with in this difficult time we find ourselves in.   With so many people out of work and unemployment taking so long to kick in for some of us, it sure would be nice if we could find a family in need and contribute those things that we no longer need to someone who is desperately in need of them.   

Wouldn’t it be a fun lesson for the kids to be involved in the sorting of their own clothes, games and toys that they would like to donate?  What a great moment to have with them!  It’s always exciting to know that you are doing something to help someone else in need.    

Thinking of the kiddos, what a great idea to let them paint over pictures or paintings that no inspire you.  Creativity and imagination can breed some real genius outcomes.   Do you have some rocks laying around your yard that your kids could turn into the next Picasso?  What a great gift idea to spark some joy in a family member or neighbor who is feeling a bit down or discouraged in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.  

Do you have a bunch of new recipes that you’ve been saving on Pinterest that you have always wanted to try, but never found the time?   NOW is the perfect time to crack open the cookbooks, recipe cards, and copycat recipes that you have wanted to make for your family!   Take photos of your new creations and share the recipe on social media, your blogs, or church groups.  Get excited to create new and adventurous things.  Awaken your taste buds and be creative… Play with your food!  

Here is another idea, are you good with words?  What about handmaking cards and writing an encouraging word on them, and leave them on a doorstep of a family member or neighbor who might be struggling with loneliness or depression?  Do you have beautiful flowers or roses in your garden?  Can you think of anyone who might light up just seeing and smelling them in their homes?  I know of a bunch of people that would benefit from it.  Including myself.   

Until we meet again- Let’s remember to be loving, kind and gentle to those around us.  Let’s look through lenses of Love, patience and understanding, knowing that we are all going through such an awkward time.   

 Things to keep in mind are: This too shall pass, we are all going through it together, and we all need grace along this journey.   Be good to yourselves, and each other!  Keep yourself encouraged and an eye open for those around us that are struggling, and try to help out every chance that presents itself.  

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CoronaVirus COVID-19 Pandemic

We at So Cal Trim care about your health and welfare. During this difficult time we have decided to close our Showroom to customers for the time being. You can of course shop online at 24 hours a day, we are still in the process of painting and delivering customer orders. Our shop hours are from 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday to happily take phone orders and answer any questions that you may have. We are committed to serving you the best we can during this crisis. Please let us know how we can better serve your needs. 951-412-4175

Try to wash your hands with hot soapy water as much as you can! Drink plenty of water, get lots of rest, and eat as healthy as possible during this time. Please listen to the orders to Shelter in Place.. STAY Home, stay healthy and help everyone around you to feel encouraged, uplifted, and full of hope during this crisis. Help your neighbors, call and text friends and family to check on them. If you see a need- try an be the solution. We are all in this together! This will pass, we will get through it, collectively together. Be good to each other, and yourselves.