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Sheltering at Home… and Social Distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Are we having fun yet ? 

Has the novelty of sleeping in, eating anything you want, anytime you want or not having to go to work worn off already?   Are the day to day tasks becoming mundane, and the kids getting antsy and looking for something to do?   Remember that we are all in this TOGETHER !  

Are you tired of looking at all those half-finished, or not started yet projects around your house?  Well, then it’s time to get a jump on them.  What do you need to complete those things in your home?  Do you need Baseboards, Door and Window Casing, or maybe wanting to add some beautiful Crown Mouldings, and just never had the time before now?    

How about replacing or refreshing your doors?  A new coat of paint can do wonders for sprucing things up.  What about an accent wall? Which wall can you see as the focal point in your room?  Are the kitchen cabinets looking a little dingy, and in need of some love?  Do they need some re-facing, painting, or just some new hardware to make the changes that you want?   

What do you think about some Wainscot or some wall paneling?  I think YES!  Now is the perfect time to check off some of the “Honey-Do List” items that have been on your list for like EVER…  Let’s start today!   I can help.  Give me a call at 951-412-4175 or go online at and start visualizing your new home projects finished and looking good! 

If home projects are not your thing, how about some good old fashion Spring Cleaning and decluttering of the closets and cabinets?  Maybe even a little cleaning out of the garage??   I know… you’re right, Let’s not get Crazy!  But it does feel good to have things nice and tidy, smelling good, and feeling more relaxed in our environments.  You know those “safe places” that we like to put things so that we don’t lose them?  Yeah, we all have some. This might be the perfect time to locate all the things that we lost trying to keep them safe.  LOL  

We can start small if we need to…  maybe you have some clothing items that no longer fit yourself or your children that you could bless another family with in this difficult time we find ourselves in.   With so many people out of work and unemployment taking so long to kick in for some of us, it sure would be nice if we could find a family in need and contribute those things that we no longer need to someone who is desperately in need of them.   

Wouldn’t it be a fun lesson for the kids to be involved in the sorting of their own clothes, games and toys that they would like to donate?  What a great moment to have with them!  It’s always exciting to know that you are doing something to help someone else in need.    

Thinking of the kiddos, what a great idea to let them paint over pictures or paintings that no inspire you.  Creativity and imagination can breed some real genius outcomes.   Do you have some rocks laying around your yard that your kids could turn into the next Picasso?  What a great gift idea to spark some joy in a family member or neighbor who is feeling a bit down or discouraged in this time of COVID-19 pandemic.  

Do you have a bunch of new recipes that you’ve been saving on Pinterest that you have always wanted to try, but never found the time?   NOW is the perfect time to crack open the cookbooks, recipe cards, and copycat recipes that you have wanted to make for your family!   Take photos of your new creations and share the recipe on social media, your blogs, or church groups.  Get excited to create new and adventurous things.  Awaken your taste buds and be creative… Play with your food!  

Here is another idea, are you good with words?  What about handmaking cards and writing an encouraging word on them, and leave them on a doorstep of a family member or neighbor who might be struggling with loneliness or depression?  Do you have beautiful flowers or roses in your garden?  Can you think of anyone who might light up just seeing and smelling them in their homes?  I know of a bunch of people that would benefit from it.  Including myself.   

Until we meet again- Let’s remember to be loving, kind and gentle to those around us.  Let’s look through lenses of Love, patience and understanding, knowing that we are all going through such an awkward time.   

 Things to keep in mind are: This too shall pass, we are all going through it together, and we all need grace along this journey.   Be good to yourselves, and each other!  Keep yourself encouraged and an eye open for those around us that are struggling, and try to help out every chance that presents itself.  

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