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Add some FUN and INTEREST to any room!

Let’s open our Imagination and get Creative! What can you dream up to make your walls more interesting and on center stage? What shape and paint color? What size and texture? Anything you can dream up can become your reality. We would love to help you in this endeavour. Give us a call at 951-412-4175 or come on down to our showroom to see the materials that we have available to you.

Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend.
This is one of my personal favorite looks. I just can’t get enough of the Grey walls with the Pure White painted trim. This is not only eye catching, but it’s also a very fresh look.
I just love this one! I would want this on the wall behind my bed. I might want to paint the design trim white in my own house just because it’s my own preference, but what where would you want to make this accent wall? and what color would you choose?.
You just can’t go wrong with boxes and squares !
This Wainscott is a timeless and classic look.
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Craftsman Style Window Trim

Upgrade your windows and doors with Craftsman style casing and trim. If you love the Farmhouse trend, then you will love this look. It’s an easy, cost effective way to update, upgrade, and add Architectural interest to any room.  To expand the height to create an illusion of larger doorways and higher ceilings…..and also make them a little fancier.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to spice up a “plain-jane” room is by adding moulding and millwork to existing door trim. This creates instant architectural detail, resulting in the doors looking larger and more substantial.

To design this look, we used pre-primed MDF boards. You can use solid wood but we chose MDF boards because they are pretty much perfect, consistent in thickness and width, and perfectly smooth with no wood grain or knot holes to deal with.