Eclisse Classic Pocket Frame 7/0


Eclisse Classic Pocket Door System

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Each 2 x 4 Construction Boxed Kit contains both the Horizontal and Vertical Pieces to complete your steel Pocket.

Each 2×4 kit includes:

  1. Central Vertical
  2. Rear vertical
  3. Front vertical
  4. Pocket Header
  5. Top Beam
  6. Horizontal Bars
  7. Braces (for assembly only)
  8. Brackets
  9. Runner Kit (Rollers, Hangers, etc.)

Jamb kit Attached to the pocket door Framework that cover the edges of the door when it is closed so you cannot see the top of the door or into the pocket.

Each Jamb Kit Includes

  1. Jamb Header
  2. Face Jamb
  3. Brushes (x3)
  4. Split Jamb (x2)
  5. Rubber Gaskets
  6. Metal Brackets (x4)

Self Closing Device for single door

The self closing system is manually operated and once opened the door closes automatically. this mechanism allows you to have a hold open feature and with the simple touch , the door will close by itself. The door closing speed can be adjusted at anytime without removing the door.


Additional information

Door Size

2/0 x 7/0 (24"x84"), 2/4 x 7/0 (28" x 84"), 2/6 x 7/0 (30" x 84"), 2/8 x 7/0 (32" x 84"), 3/0 x 7/0 (36" x 84"), 3/6 x 7/0 (42" x 84")

Jamb Kit

White Jamb Kit, Wood Jamb Kit, Acoustic, No Jamb kit

Soft Close

Soft Close One Direction, Soft Close Both Directions, Self Closing, No Soft Close


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