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Raised Panel MDF Interior Doors… Oh Yes!

There are numerous benefits that make MDF doors a highly popular choice. It is easy to shape, and, unlike wood, it does not contain knots, making its surface smooth and spotless. Additionally, MDF interior doors are considered to be much sleeker, uniform and simpler to clean and maintain than other types of doors. MDF doors can also be easily painted and finished. Furthermore, they are very receptive to a faux wood finish, which adds a more elegant look. Additional benefits include durability, strength and sturdiness. MDF doors are known for resisting denting, deforming, rotting, and other types of damage that standard wood doors are typically susceptible to. MDF doors are awesome sound resistant, giving you enough privacy at every corner of your house. They are fabricated from sustainable material and leftover wood products, rendering them thoroughly eco-friendly.

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MDF doors are actually quite simple to maintain and are cleaner than solid wood doors, as they are free from rotting, warping and other types of damage. Additionally, their sturdy fabrication means that maintenance is typically limited to a fresh coat of paint or finish, along with occasional cleaning with a damp cloth. 

MDF Primed solid core 2 double arch panel raised moulding 2 sides TB2

MDF interior doors are a great choice for your home due to their affordability and sustainability. They are essentially maintenance-free and serve as a long-term, reliable option. They are easy to paint and finish as well, giving them an elegant and delicate appearance.

Primed Solid Core Raised 3-Panel Square top MDF doors TM3

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